Faster calculator, more rewards

Cardano Mixer
1 min readJul 9, 2022


Hi there! We continue with our development updates. Here is what we’ve been up to recently.

First, we have updated the ISPO calculator on our website. It became significantly faster and lighter. The ISPO may continue for some time after the initial release of the dapp. However, we need to distribute more MIX tokens before release to launch sufficiently decentralized. That is why we decided to increase all ISPO rewards, past and future, by 20%. The boost will be applied on Tuesday.

Second, we have finalized our post-Vasil on-chain code. Over the course of the development, the protocol experienced certain changes to use Cardano to its full potential. The final version is somewhat of a hybrid between Tornado Cash and ErgoMixer protocols. We will publish the new technical paper detailing the protocol (and also release code on GitHub) once we are done with internal testing.

Third, we are moving away from the PAB as there are some concerns regarding efficiency and memory requirements. Currently, the team is working on the relay server backend code, reimplementing certain PAB functionality. This work will continue approximately until the end of July. In August, we will focus on the dapp frontend and testing. The plan is to have a more extensive second public test, which will continue for at least a couple of weeks. Though, we currently do not have the exact start date.

More updates are coming to the website too. Stay tuned!