On events around Tornado Cash

Cardano Mixer
2 min readAug 9, 2022


Below is a comment from one of our developers regarding the recent events with Tornado Cash.

Privacy is a human right. Moreover, it is the enabler of many other democratic rights. One person’s right violation without a proper response makes a thousand people voluntarily give up on it. Small violations of human rights add up and ultimately lead to autocracy. Democracy is a more fragile thing than one might think.

With regards to Tornado Cash… Whoever made the decision to ban it in the US likely had the best intentions. However, the end result is that ordinary American users pay the price: them and the people with the stake in the protocol. I do believe, though, that TC will recover as it was built with this possibility in mind.

The GitHub account ban is something new yet not entirely unexpected. To my knowledge, it is not the first time the platform has deleted someone’s account for whatever reason. With that said, we express our support to Roman Semenov, the Tornado Cash team, and the Ethereum community.

Finally, about CardMix. Our project, in its original vision, is getting closer to its release. The first complete version is almost here. The code and the updated whitepaper will be made public soon. Everything will be backed up on decentralized storage solutions such as IPFS and Arweave. In addition, our app frontend will be downloadable, so you can run it locally on your PC. Before using the protocol, please make sure it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction. Just in case, I add that the team does not endorse any use of the protocol in a manner that contradicts the regulations you are subject to, nor does it have any control on your ability to use the protocol. Thanks for your continued support. The future is decentralized.