Public Test 1: details

How to participate?

First, you will need to install the Nami wallet. It is the only wallet that we support in this test. In the future, expect every wallet that follows the CIP-30 standard to be supported. Here is the link to download the Nami wallet version for your browser: Once Nami is installed, click on the portrait inside the wallet and choose Settings -> Network -> Testnet.


And, that's it! You are now fully prepared to play around with the app.

What does the app do?

The Cardano Mixer app lets you send Cardano native assets privately on the blockchain (read more on

Bonuses for ISPO supporters

After playing around with the app, you could optionally fill in a small form telling us anonymously about your experience (we will provide the link on the app’s page). If you became our ISPO participant before May 5 (or Epoch 337) and filled in your stake address in the form, you will get an additional 20% on all your current and future ISPO rewards. Here is how to join our ISPO in case you missed it:



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