Public Test 1: details

Cardano Mixer
4 min readApr 25, 2022


Good day, everyone! Our first public test is almost here! It starts on April 29 and ends on May 1. You could try the app anytime this weekend. We hope our relay servers hold. Fingers crossed! Plus, we have prepared some bonuses for our ISPO participants (scroll to the end to learn more).

How to participate?

First, you will need to install the Nami wallet. It is the only wallet that we support in this test. In the future, expect every wallet that follows the CIP-30 standard to be supported. Here is the link to download the Nami wallet version for your browser: Once Nami is installed, click on the portrait inside the wallet and choose Settings -> Network -> Testnet.

Next, you will need some test ADA. Go to to get some. Use the address provided by your Nami wallet.

If you want to get some test MIX tokens, you could get them by sending exactly 2 tADA to the address (this might not work before the test starts):


And, that's it! You are now fully prepared to play around with the app.

What does the app do?

The Cardano Mixer app lets you send Cardano native assets privately on the blockchain (read more on

First, make a deposit into the on-chain script. You will receive a unique Secret Key associated with your deposit. Choose the Deposit tab, select the asset and amount, and click the button. This connects you to the relay server, which builds the deposit transaction for you to sign. The total fee for one deposit-withdrawal asset transfer is currently around 5 ADA (most of it is the Network fee). Before the launch, we plan to do some key optimizations. Coupled with the next Cardano hard fork improvements in June, this will help make the fees significantly lower.

Wait some time to create uncertainty. In general, we recommend giving it at least 10–15 minutes. You could give the Secret Key to someone else or create another wallet and use the Key yourself (nobody would know!). The key is automatically saved into the default Downloads folder.

Finally, it is time to withdraw. If you want to withdraw into your current Nami wallet, use the Autofill button. Note that Nami supports many user accounts. The autofill option will use the one that is active at the moment. You could also enter any other valid address. Paste the Secret Key and press the button to locate the deposit. Typically, it may take 60–90 seconds to find it. Then press the Withdraw button. This sends the request to the relayer to submit the withdrawal transaction. It may take up to 3–4 minutes to complete the withdrawal. Note that you can withdraw into an empty wallet!

There is a possibility that a deposit or withdrawal transaction is not accepted due to network congestion. In this test build, any pending transaction becomes invalid approximately after two minutes. In case you do not see a new transaction appearing in your wallet after 2–3 minutes, you could resend it.

Bonuses for ISPO supporters

After playing around with the app, you could optionally fill in a small form telling us anonymously about your experience (we will provide the link on the app’s page). If you became our ISPO participant before May 5 (or Epoch 337) and filled in your stake address in the form, you will get an additional 20% on all your current and future ISPO rewards. Here is how to join our ISPO in case you missed it:

As we stated before, the ISPO will continue until all 10 000 000 MIX tokens are distributed (10% of the total supply). We will add the tracker for the total amount of distributed tokens to the website soon. There are plenty of MIX tokens still up for grabs!

More cool announcements are on the way. Stay tuned!