Technical update regarding lottery

Cardano Mixer
1 min readFeb 4, 2022

As announced in the previous blog post (, 10% of ISPO rewards are distributed in the form of a lottery. Our intention is to make the lottery as fair and transparent as possible. So, it is time to discuss the algorithm we use to determine the winners.

  1. Every epoch, the stake addresses participating in the lottery are published on our website at the following address:<epoch number>.txt. For example, the participants of Epoch 319 lottery may be found here:
  2. Every epoch, we have 3 to 7 winners depending on the saturation. To determine M winning numbers for Epoch N, we use block ids of the first M blocks of Epoch N+1. For example, for Epoch 319, we will have 3 winners. Their numbers on the list will be determined by the first 3 blocks of Epoch 320, which will start in about 5 days. The block ids may be found, for example, here:
  3. Each block id is treated as a hexadecimal number. To find the corresponding winner, take the remainder from dividing this number by the number of participants and add 1 to the result. For the sake of example, suppose the second block of Epoch 320 has an id 44e9a78a126e44c376cd8d5f51ec794fe07562c66826c7b95e3e0daf42cbca73. Then the 2nd winner goes under the number 52.

The winners for the latest epoch will be displayed on our website. Their bonus tokens will be taken into account in the rewards calculator.