Test Performance Analysis and Future Milestones

  1. Several hundred different wallets participated in the test.
  2. We received 150+ feedback form responses; 75% of users would recommend us to their friends.
  3. Our relay server constructed and submitted about 1000 transactions during the test.

Technical findings

Future Milestones

  1. Implement performance and UI fixes to the app mentioned above.
  2. Implement relayer verification: a key missing component that will make the app actually decentralized.
  3. Release the source code and a guide on setting up a relay server.
  4. Prepare for the second test and the smart contract code audit.
  5. Prepare for the Trusted Setup Ceremony, mint and distribute MIX tokens, and release the dApp on the mainnet.




Private Transactions on Cardano

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Private Transactions on Cardano

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